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You Need to Connect with at least 2 People in EACH of Your Ideal Companies.
HERE'S WHAT I've Got For You
TARGETED NETWORKING - Connecting with the right people at the right companies
Join us on Tuesdays in March at 5 pm Pacific

Networking can seem scary, but it is really all about making friends with the people who are in your niche so that you can help them and they can help you.  Here is my step by step process to help you do that.
Even if you don't know anyone at the companies you are interested in.


My Get Started Here Module
So you will know exactly where to get started 

  • Your pre-assessment  - so you can gather information about the people you will be networking with.
  • How to prepare for the meeting - How to connect, what to say to schedule a time to meet, where to meet, and more.
  • List of tools and websites we will use in the class
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That first meeting
Two kinds of meetings

  • When meeting with a person that you have known in the past: what to say, what your goal is, what to give.
  • When the meeting is with a person you have never met before: what to say, what to do, 
  • How to decide if the company should stay on your top ten list.
  • How to ask for an introduction to someone in the department you want to work in.
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Meeting with someone in your preferred department
Your objectives for this meeting

  • Getting the inside scoop on the current dragon (problem)
  • Showing that you are a member of the "tribe"
  • Offering some of your "dragon-slaying" stories and giving a few suggestions
  • Get the business card and show your enthusiasm
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Follow-up: The most important part
Being remembered when the hiring manager knows they have to hire

  • What to do immediately after the networking meeting
  • What to do when you get home
  • Scheduling the content of your further follow-up.
  • What happens next
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Here's what this will do for you...

Here is just a sample of the benefits and transformations
you'll get by diving into this course

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Simple. Practical. Effective. Easy.

Don't waste time and energy on companies and jobs that simply don't fit.  Don't spin your wheels or wait for the job fairy!

More Interviews!

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Grow your career network

The more people from the right companies who know you, the more likely you will be to get the job.

Be visible and known!
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Know your industry and companies

You don't need to know or be known by everyone, just the people in the companies and groups who are doing what you want to do. 

Know where to use your job search time!
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Become the expert in your niche

Be able to discuss what is happening in your industry - what companies are hiring, what products have gotten through clinicial trials, etc.

Know your stuff!

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Get my personal  introductions to the people you need to know

*“To be remembered, liked and trusted” This nugget of job seeking advice to my mind is what really distinguishes Connie’s approach and the quality of her advice.  It is one of many followed by a rich experience set that, in combination, gives her a very strong and systematic approach to providing genuinely helpful advice to job seekers.  Connie helped me more in two sessions than my entire eight months of assistance from Right Management.  She is an incredible value.  If you want to launch an efficient, focused and ultimately successful search, you can’t do better than to contact and work with Connie. – Chris Lehman, Biotech Financial Strategist

Tap into my extensive professional network!
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PLUS a half hour personal and private coaching sessions

Do you have questions?  
We will record the sessions so that you can refer to them

$125 Bonus

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PLUS 1 Month Membership in Our Private Mastermind Group

$97 Bonus

Here's what you want to do next

Only $497