A resume is a piece of marketing collateral (an ad) designed to get you an interview at one particular company for one particular job.  

You are not a generic person, there is no generic "any job" and the hiring manager needs specific skills. I will help you write that resume and a template for other jobs.

Don't try to write a resume before you have all the information you need!!

Once you have all your research done on a company, then you can write a resume for that particular company that is sure to get you an interview. I will help you write the resume for the first company and a template for all the other ones you may need.

Once you know what problems a particular company is having and what language they use to talk about it, I will:

  • Help you choose the 3-5 bullet points to use at the top of your 2 page resume
  • Help you edit the whole thing
  • Help you use the right words - neither too general nor too specific 
  • Make sure that it is easy to read and professional
  • Offer templates for one and two page resumes that you can easily tailor for the next company.


Learn how to easily write a resume that will get you an interview today...and tomorrow!

Only $250 for your resume tailored to each job