Do you have the right follow up to stay top of mind in your career network.

Once you are known, you need to be remembered before they hire someone else, liked and trusted to solve their problem. How can you make this easy? Templates, timing and thoughtful research. Let me help you set up a follow up program that will make you the one they think of first when your skills are needed.

Don't be like Oliver Twist and beg for a job. But do make new friends and colleagues

Follow-up that is friendly, helpful and NOT annoying is the key

After you have established contact with the people in your top ten companies, I will:

  • Show you how to "cement" the relationship
  • Show you how to keep track of when and where and what you sent
  • Show you how to use both traditional mail and email as well as social media to stay in touch and top of mind 
  • Help you set up the records needed for each person
  • Offer templates for each step to use until you have established the relationship
  • And if you really need it, help you connect with a virtual assistant to place those emails, write those letters, etc.


Learn how to the right follow up will make a difference today...and tomorrow!

Only $250 for your personal plan for follow up.