Who do you already know? Who do you need to know? Let me help!

Is your career network in useable shape?

Let Connie review your networking list, help you pull it together and decide where the holes are.

You already have a career network, even if you have not thought of it that way. But which ones will be the most help to you? And what if you don't know anyone in your preferred companies?

Once you have your company list, I will:

  • Help you organize your connections to see if you know someone in each of your 30 companies
  • If you know anyone at each company (and not the hiring manager), you can get the inside scoop on the company and start to narrow down your search.
  • If you DON'T know anyone there, I can help you figure out who you should know to begin with and then, if the company continues to meet your needs, who in your preferred department you should know (still not the hiring manager) so you can find out what problems they are dealing with. 
  • I will use my 9,000+ LinkedIn connections to introduce you to the first person you need to talk with or take to coffee. AND the 10 people at your top ten companies who will be a colleague.
  • I will show you how to expand your LinkedIn connections to include people at each of your preferred companies


Get your network partners list started today!

Only $250 for your list of 30 initial contacts and 10 second level contacts. 

One of these will be your next colleague!