Using this template, you will:

  • Capture all your skills, expertise, programs, hardware, processes. In order to have the words you will need in your Profiles, Dragon-Slaying Stories, Resumes, and even simple conversation, you need to know what it is you do, have done and want to do.
  • Rank them. You have more skills than you use in a job. Some you want to use; some you hope never to do again.
  • Record where you learned each one. Do you remember? Is there a story there?
  • Record when you used it last. If you have not used a skill in 10 years, how much do you really want to do it again? 
  • Record how long a time in a day you can do it. Standing a bench for 8 hours a day, even if you are doing different tasks gets old after a while. Some people simply are not meant to do certain things all day long.
  • Fill this in once and then add to it. Your skills grow and change. What you wanted to do when you first started, may not be what you want to do next. 

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