Too busy to develop your list of 30 companies that meet your criteria?

Or don't know where to look?

Let Connie review your criteria list, understand it and put together a list of 30 companies that meet those needs.

Once you have your company criteria, I will:

  • use my database of companies, LinkedIn, Google, etc. to find a list of 30 companies that meet most of your criteria. (some criteria cannot be judged online). 
  • Be sure to send me your criteria list!!  
  • I will deliver a spreadsheet with the company names, locations and URLs.  
  • These will be the ones you want to focus on in your job search and will allow you to question recruiters who call you about other roles.
  • Then you can see who you know, who already works there, so you can take them to coffee and see if that company should stay on your top 10 list.


Get your companies list started today!

Only $250 for your list of 30 appropriate companies. One will be your next one!